Jake Boyer went to prom dressed as Lady Gaga. (Courtesy of WDBJ.)

What a difference a year makes.

Boyer, who is the senior class secretary, a choir member and editor of the school’s literary magazine, told the station he was immediately accepted when he announced to his family and friends he was gay.

Friends urged him to run for prom queen and he, well, ran with it. He said he at first met with some resistance from school administrators. But two weeks before the prom, the school agreed to the idea, a friend of Boyer’s told WDBJ.

Boyer won the honor (echoing a recent episode of the popular television show “Glee,”), and dressed in drag, as Lady Gaga, for the dance.

"This was as much a social experiment as it was a fun thing to do," Boyer told WDBJ. He went on to say: "This prom queen thing sort of became a manifestation of, ‘all right, this is who I am.  It's time to show it off.’ "

Here’s WDBJ’s report: