(Jahi Chikwendiu/The Washington Post)

“Park Police have advised us to erect some kind of fence around it, which we’re taking as tacit permission to keep it,” media team member Justin Smith said in a Twitter message Tuesday morning.

The group’s gas generator is largely used to power the kitchen tent, which uses hot plates to keep meals warm and flood lights during evening mealtimes.

Though the generator remains, the National Park Service is keeping a close eye on the protesters. According to The Washington Post’s Paul Farhi, the agency makes periodic checks of the unpermitted group to ensure that the number of people there doesn’t exceed the regulated limit of 500.

According to protester Legba Carrefour, the group in McPherson Square made it though the weekend’s snowy cold snap — protesters even celebrated Halloween with carved pumpkins — using the aid of generated power, donated items and bought supplies.

Without generators or gas cans in New York, protesters at Zuccotti Park are getting creative to stay warm — fully charged batteries are brought in for cell phones and laptops, and demonstrators are “pedaling for power” on stationary bikes.

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