The scene in Georgetown on Monday night . (Daniel Goldberg)

(D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray and Police Chief Cathy Lanier will be addressing recent shootings at 11:30 a.m. Update: Gray referenced a “troubling number of shootings” and said officials were investigating the crimes. Gray also said he concerned with the number of youths who have been hurt recently. )

Daniel Goldberg traveled from Arlington about 10:30 p.m. Monday to take in the Halloween costumes on M Street. Instead, Goldberg watched a group of teens get progressively rowdier until they crossed the street.

“When they were crossing the street it sounded like firecrackers,” Goldberg, 28, said, and “all of the sudden kids were just kind of running everywhere. Through traffic, around traffic.” (Georgetown traffic update here.)

The victim appeared to be a teenager, according to a restaurant owner in the area.

After the shooting, students in the area took to Twitter to voice their concern about slow or nonexistent campus alerts.

George Washington University student Elise Chen voiced frustration about the school’s Twitter feed detailing possible armed suspects in the area but not providing context about the shooting during one of D.C.’s peak party nights:

Hey @GWtweets way to let us know about the armed suspects on Eye last night but not, you know, the shooting on M. #gwu #communitybuildingTue Nov 01 13:31:59 via webElise Chen

Update: In a statement to students Tuesday, GWU officials said technical difficulties with the mass e-mail notification system were to blame for the slow alerts.

Concern about the Georgetown shooting is well documented, but was just one of at least six D.C. shootings reported on Halloween night. Shootings were also reported in Petworth, near the New York Ave Metro and in in the 4440 block of Seventh Street SE. The Washington Post’s Mike Debonis retweeted alerts of shootings in “places less prominent than Gtown” Monday night. We Love DC editor Tom Bridge also weighed in on perceived media imbalance:

Shooting in Georgetown tonight, shooting in Brookland this morning. Which gets more press, do you suppose?Tue Nov 01 03:23:04 via Twitter for iPhoneTom Bridge

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