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In which Lindsay Golder, one half of the duo behind Broads of the Beltway, guest blogs on D.C.’s dating scene.

Not to throw a certain boyfriend under the metaphorical blogosphere bus, but I was recently subjected to a pretty shameful D.C. date. And by shameful, I actually mean oddly unsanitary — like “I need to hunt down the inventor of Purell hand-sanitizer and thank him by agreeing to birth his first born, NOW” unsanitary.

Our dinner and a movie plan had seemed like a solid Friday night date choice. It’s the gold standard, like ordering ketchup with your fries or putting The Beatles on your playlist. What had been billed as an evening of Mexican food and cinematic entertainment, however, quickly turned into eating a Chipotle burrito on the steps of the Smithsonian American Art Museum.

(Jahi Chikwendiu/WASHINGTON POST)

Upon polling several DC friends, I found that my experience was not out of the ordinary. Planning outdoor dates can get tricky and have unforeseen complications. With warmer weather finally making its way to the Capital, outdoor and patio dinner dates are sure to be on the rise. Take control of the situation now by checking out outdoor suggestions here and here. In the meantime, consider making a reservation for your next dinner date. Otherwise, you might just wake up to some crazy girl blogging about you. Just ask my boyfriend—it can happen.

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