Good morning. We’re likely to crack the 90-degree mark today and it’s already feeling humid. Keep cool, both physically and mentally.

Developing diversity: Census reports show that in the past decade, the Asian population of the Washington region has grown by 60 percent. (There’s a great graphic there, too.) We’re not Northern California yet, but we can find more Korean groceries in Centreville, Bollywood films showing in Loudoun County and a home ownership counseling center specifically for Asian Americans in Rockville.

The importance of a school in a small town can’t be overstated. So Fairfax County’s Clifton residents are worried over the looming loss of its elementary school, for a whole variety of reasons.

D.C. residents are going to face more taxes, although wealthier residents won’t see a hike in local income taxes. That’s the gist of the local budget passed yesterday. Reporter Mike DeBonis describes plenty of horse trading before the final vote.

An ultimatum: The city’s mayor told Wal-Mart yesterday that the company cannot cherry-pick its locations in Washington. Either open a store in the Skyland Shopping Center (in his own ward), or forget opening its other four stores.

A smart blog called Greater Greater Washington ran a contest to have readers develop a new Metro map. Our own Dr. Gridlock was a judge. The winner stuck with the familiar while adapting to coming changes.

The usual sad array of crime and mayhem: A man is stabbed inside his home in Rockville. A father and daughter are carjacked and injured at the Largo Metro station. A former Prince George’s police officer admits corruption.

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