John Marble of Brightest Young Things chose silver eye shadow for Brett Andriesen and gold for Devon Trotter. Satisfied with the swipe of iridescence that colored their noses and the black liner smudged on their faces, Marble handed animal-shaped hats to the duo that started Pocket Gays.

Then he turned on his Flip camera.

Pocket Gays duo play honey badgers for the day at the National Zoo (Fahima Haque )

Marble said that a fair number of people responded to the casting call — but that the holiday weekend interfered with their filming plans. Nonetheless, Andrew Fogle, 23, a friend of Marble’s, and Jason Gray, 34, lent an acting hand for the video.

“It’s something different, and I was in town for the weekend, when others weren’t, so I responded,” Gray said.

Andriesen, 25, and Trotter, 27, started Pocket Gays about 18 months ago with a Twitter account and the desire to share their short gay-guy jokes – “you can fold them in your pocket.” Andriesen first contacted the Local 16 restaurant to host brunches for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community. The two soon built a Web site and became active on Facebook, which helped disseminate their brand of jokey banter with the comunity.

On Saturday, the group filmed throughout the zoo. The Pocket Gays played the rowdy honey badgers, Fogle was the messy otter focused on eating his ice-cream sandwich and Gray was a bear summoning his inner Casanova by flirting with the honey badgers. After wreaking well-intentioned havoc throughout the zoo and amusing tourists as they filmed, they moved on to Georgetown Cupcake before finishing up at the Dupont Circle Metro station.

Marble, who had come up with the the idea for the roughly two-minute video, saw it as an unusual, fun way to market the party, which will be held June 10 at the Newseum. His aim is to build a mixed, straight and gay audience to further integrate both communities in D.C.

Marble hopes to post the video on the Brightest Young Things site early next week.