Good morning. You might be sweating already, but the real heat is just cranking up. Unbelievable as it may be, forecasters are predicting a heat index of 116 by the end of the week. And if that isn’t making you cranky enough, a police-involved accident in Arlington and a water main break on Georgia Avenue in Wheaton are causing traffic headaches.

A $7 million boardroom: How do you add fuel to the fire over the Dulles Metrorail extension? Try having the government agency guiding the project spend millions on new digs.

Traffic relief evaporates: Virginia is dropping a plan to expand commuter bus service on new I-95 HOV toll lanes.

Police union is curbed:The Montgomery County Council voted unanimously to roll back the bargaining rights of its police officers at a meeting that got about as hot as the temperatures out there.

Dancing days no longer: Prince George’s County is cracking down on dance halls that have been the scene of violence in the past.

Virginia in the money: $311 million to be exact. As other states slash budgets, Virginia recorded its second-straight year of higher-than-expected revenue.

Save the pygmy goats! A mystery donor has chipped in to save the Kids’ Farm at the National Zoo, which features pygmy goats, cows and pigs. Officials had planned to close the attraction to save money.

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