Good morning. The long Memorial Day weekend is just a few hot, sticky hours away, and if you’re planning to leave town, you’re already late.

What? You forgot/failed to plan? Here too, we can help, with tips on events, recipes and your own ideas. If you’ve got family visiting, here are some non-touristy ideas for tourists. If you’re looking for active vacation destinations without taking a plane or train, here are some other ideas. Our Weekend section is unparalleled for ideas. You’re welcome.

Cadet Major William Putt, 17, places a flag as he and others with the Army JROTC places some of the 8,000 flags on graves at Culpeper National Cemetery. (Matt McClain/FOR THE WASHINGTON POST)

The murder last fall of Sue Ann Marcum, a popular accounting professor at American University, shocked the campus. Police have a suspect, but he’s been writing from Mexico saying “My soul does not bear the scar of any misconduct.”

That didn’t last long. The naughty art at the new restaurant Sax, which showed Washington celebs in compromising positions (and we’re not talking about deficit-reduction talks), has made a few changes. Surprise, surprise.

We love Jimmy Buffett, especially this time of year. But we didn't need the maestro of Key West to tell us the ban on tailgate parties at Jiffy Lube Live is stupid. “I’ll get right on that. I believe I can take care of that,” he said. Thanks, from all the Parrotheads.

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