It's officially super sticky outside, and with forecasts indicating that it won't be letting up for the next couple days, get ready to be taking two showers a day. I'll use the time to point out my favorite song by the Canadian band Hot Hot Heat.

Chinatown is illuminated during the late evening hours Saturday on July 9 in D.C. (Amanda Voisard/THE WASHINGTON POST)

The battle of brick-and-mortar versus mobile food trucks has taken an interesting twist. While so-called regular restaurants continue to be unhappy with their rolling counterparts for undermining business, some have tried to turn the tables. Some establishments, like Austin Grill, have decided to turn out their own trucks as a way to drum up business. And, some established carts, like Sauca, are now opening sit-down restaurants. Capital Business' Danielle Douglas reports on the latest from the the front lines of D.C.'s food wars.

Anica Allen, right, from D.C., and Arnetta Davis, second from right, who is a native Washingtonian, study a newly released DC bike trail map. (Astrid Riecken/FOR THE WASHINGTON POST)

Not everybody driving a black Lincoln Town Car and offering you a ride at Dulles is doing it legally. This may sound obvious to you, but for otherwise clueless tourists, that ignorance means dollars for people willing to take the risk of running afoul of MWAA police. In recent months, the airport authority has been cracking down on these illegal drivers, known as "hustlers." The Post's Ian Shapira reports on the group, mostly composed of immigrants who say they are just looking to get by in a down economy.

Shannon Boxx (L) of the U.S. celebrates with her teamamtes defeating Brazil after penalty shootout during their Women's World Cup quarter-final soccer match in Dresden July 10. (THOMAS PETER)

Extra Bites

• There are people in the world who believe A Tribe Called Quest is the best rap duo of all time. I am not one of those people, but I do plan on seeing the new documentary about the legendary group when it comes out. Slate's Jonah Weiner offers a review.

• If you're a Groupon reader, pay attention. The social deals service is changing its privacy policy to collect and share more information ahead of going public. You have been warned.

• You know that song "Afternoon Delight"? It's written by a D.C. band, and here's an oral history.

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