Whether your birthday is every four years or every year, Leap Day is still a good excuse to celebrate. Here’s what you can do before the stroke of midnight:

Paul Cuba, 84, celebrated his 21st Leap Year Day birthday during a portrait sitting in Galesburg, Ill. last week. (Nick Adams/AP)

Get free food.

For local “leaplings” with a valid ID, a few businesses are offering free cupcakes and burgers, among other offers. If your birthday isn’t today, don’t worry--there are plenty of deals for you, too.

“Raise a ruckus.”

The Post’s Dan Zak gives you permission to skip routines and force marriage upon unwitting bachelors, but only until midnight tonight, when this voucher expires. “Use it wisely,” Zak advises.

A Napa Valley winery called Frog’s Leap is throwing its quadrennial bacchanal on Wednesday evening. The winery’s owner said he tried to get other ‘Leap’-named wineries in on the party, but they weren’t interested.

“There once was a Pigs Leap winery, but it never really got off the ground,”he joked.

If you need more activity ideas, Going Out Guide has you covered.

Celebrate leaplings’ birthdays.

• A New Jersey woman, born on Feb. 29, beat the odds when she gave birth to her daughter on Leap Day 2008.

• Two brothers also share Feb. 29 birthdays, exactly four years apart. “It’s one of those things that’s a conversation piece,” the older brother told the Post’s John Kelly. “My granddaughter gets a big kick out of the fact that I’m only 16.”

At Washington & Lee University, five sophomores were born in 1992 and will celebrate their birthdays today.

“It kind of gives me an excuse to have a little bit bigger of a celebration every four years,” one sophomore said.

• In today’s KidsPost, young leaplings agree their birthday makes them feel special.

Keep your eyes on the skies.

• Leap gave us another beautiful sunrise. Capital Weather Gang has the photos.

Weigh in.

• How much do you know about the number 29? How about the 29th president? Take our quiz.

• Or, take our poll: should Leap Day be a free day? Gene Weingarten chatted with readers Tuesday about the time he interviewed the wife of a martyr of the “No Work on Leap Day Revolution.”

Have you found a way to celebrate Feb. 29 that we haven’t listed here? Talk about it in the comments below or tweet it with the hashtag #DCLeaplings.