Washington, D.C.: Seventh-most walkable city in the country. (Walkscore.com)

Slate’s Tom Vanderbilt, in his deep dive into the state of American walking, takes a look at Walk Score, a company that uses algorithms to place locations based on how easy it is to reach transportation and amenities on foot.

According to Walk Score, D.C. is the seventh most-walkable city in the country — but still, it depends on the neighborhood. Dupont Circle is the most walkable neighborhood, posting a 98 “Walker’s Paradise” rating, while Kenilworth rates last, with a car-dependent score of 31. (View the list of neighborhoods by walkability here.)

To learn more about why this matters — and about why Walk Score’s methodology is slightly flawed — read the full story here, and take a look at America’s most and least-walkable cities. New York ranks as America’s most walkable city, but on a whole, Americans are lagging behind. According to Vanderbilt’s research, the U.S. walks the least of any industrialized nation — an average of 5,117 steps compared with an Australian’s 9,695, for example.