Good morning and welcome to your Friday.

Legacy of hubris. Before he left office under a cloud, Prince George’s County executive Jack B. Johnson ordered up 275,000 copies of a commemorative booklet to — him. One quote, from many: “We visualized and shaped our own destiny.” Mmmm hmm.

Under pressure from irate parents, the Fairfax County School Board agreed to scale back its practice of forcing transfers for students having disciplinary problems.

Pay to play. Prince George’s County schools will charge youths who want to play sports a $50 athletic fee next year, which raise about $300,000 annually.

Empty property along the Alexandria waterfront. The City of Alexandria wants to redevelop the waterfront area. (Tracy A. Woodward/THE WASHINGTON POST)

Weekend picks: The Capital Pride festival, the U.S. Open, Fairfax County’s fair... what’s not to like? Or take in an art exhibit of liberal Dems by a local artist at the Woman’s National Democratic Club.

Finally, how adventurous of a foodie are you? Sure, you have tried escargot and tripe soup but how about Rocky Mountain oysters? Going Out Guide alerts us to the Testicle Festival this weekend in Arlington.

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