The goal of Eunique Jones Gibson’s “I am Travyvon Martin” campaign: “To show that we are good and accomplished people and that whether or not we wear a hoodie or a 3-piece suit.” (Photo courtesy of Eunique Jones)

George Zimmerman shot Martin as the teen was walking home with a packet of candy and a bottle of iced tea, and has told police that he acted in self defense. Those calling for Zimmerman’s arrest are wearing hoodies and waving signs, scattering Skittles across city pavement.

Others, like Bowie resident Eunique Gibson Jones, are creating art in hopes that it will send a powerful message.

Gibson decided to use photography to turn the “ambush of emotions” she said her community is feeling into a local awareness campaign.

“I believe my community as a whole is beginning to realize how this tragedy could have happened to any of us or our children,” Gibson, whose son is pictured in the photo above, wrote in an e-mail. “It has showed my husband and I that unfortunately, as long as ignorance and hate exists, our sons and even my husband could be another person’s suspicious’ person in the future.”

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