In which columnist Petula Dvorak provides a follow-up to her Tuesday column that called social networking site Pinterest “crack for women.”

Pinterest is hot right now. Maybe even hotter than Adele (who has a huge Pinterest following, by the way.)


Still wondering what Pinterest is?

If you’re on either coast, in a big city and consider yourself a tastemaker and trendmaker, you’re probably not alone in your Pinterest cluelessness.

This Internet trend started in the Midwest. Us coastal folks are just catching up.

It’s a virtual bulletin board that is dominated by women -- a collection of our hopes, dreams and desires when it comes to hair, clothes, recipes, crafts, high heels, travel adventures, kid projects, cars, homes, art and architecture.

As Katie Rogers pointed out in her Buzz commentary, it’s not all girly-girly wedding stuff and cheesecake photos of Channing Tatum. There are boards dedicated to fitness, sports, geeks and cars and motorcycles (though you can hear the crickets chirping on that board).

Men are allowed. They’re just not loud.


Pinterest is all this, but it’s endless. And free.

Its ideal demographic is the young, new mom. So there’s no surprise it’s got a huge Mormon following, apparently, as Gawker explained in a piece to get New Yorkers up to speed.

I was on the CBS affiliate WCCO News Radio in Minneapolis this morning to explain it to the intrigued host. The station thought they’d stump listeners when they offered free tickets to the Timberwolves to listeners who knew what Pinterest was.


Producer Susan Blanch said they were flooded with calls.

And I got tons of e-mail from readers who told me they are either fighting an addiction to the site, or chiding me for getting them hooked.

Pinterest is the kind of place that can give you a million ideas for beautiful things. And it can also help you feel like crud because you know you’ll never get to make, eat, visit or wear them.

“I don’t like that I love Pinterest,” said Elizabeth Delens, a hotel executive and mother of two who lives in Hyattsville. “It reminds me of what I can’t get done.”

True that.