As the Washington area heat wave toils on, with temperatures again expected well above 90 degrees this week, everyone is just trying to find a way to find relief from the scorching weather.

Zach Burroughs, whose image in The Washington Post sparked many an Internet meme, makes his "ice cream cone face" in front of a wall papered with tributes. (Bill O'Leary/WASHINGTON POST)

“You know, I haven’t had any ice cream since then,” Burroughs said. He’s actually a huge fan of Rita’s water ice.

The 25-year-old-attorney is from Cecil County, Md., went to University of Maryland College Park for his undergraduate degree and graduated from George Mason School of Law, he knows a thing or two on how to cope with Washington area weather.

But even he said that “oh man, the weather’s been terrible and worse than I can remember.”

Zach Burroughs’s ice cream of choice on that frigid January day: pistachio. (Ricky Carioti/THE WASHINGTON POST)

“Stay away,” he said. “Drink water and stay inside. It’s not worth going to the Mall in this heat - go to the Smithsonian instead.”

He also suggested freezing your clothes before heading outside.

How do you beat the heat? Show us your photos!