Always dreamed of having ice cream right at your fingertips? Well, starting today, you do.

Uber, the headline-making car service, is launching an on-demand ice cream truck service in seven cities, including the District and Arlington. You can summon a truck toting the frozen treats by selecting the ice cream cone icon.

The cost is a minimum of $12, which includes five ice creams, but you can order more once the truck arrives. Washington-area customers can choose from classic ice cream options, such as Klondike and King Kone. You might even get some swag from the app creators — which apparently includes stickers.

Ice cream trucks will be available in Friendship Heights, Bethesda, Georgetown, Dupont, Farragut, Downtown, Capitol Hill, U Street, and Arlington from noon to 5 p.m.

The service, which celebrates National Ice Cream Month, is also available in Boston, Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Seattle and Toronto.

Follow along as we live tweet our attempts to order an ice cream truck — and share your experiences using #icecreamlunch.

(The Washington Post)

Update: After hundreds of attempts--four hours later--we decided to give up our quest for Uber ice cream delivery.

Did you have better luck? Share your outcome using #Uberfail and #omgUbericecream