View Photo Gallery: The winners and finalists from five years of The Washington Post Peeps Diorama Contest

There are three weeks to go until the winner of the Post’s sixth annual “Peeps Diorama Contest” is announced, and the journalists over at The Washington Post Magazine have finally whittled down a huge list of hopefuls into a small set of finalists:

Just finished whittling hundreds of Peeps contest entries to the top 5! An incredibly impressive set of finalists. #peepshow2012

— Wash Post Magazine (@wpostmagazine) March 2, 2012

Browsing the #peepshow2012 hashtag, it’s clear that some of you have Peeps on the brain. And while we aren’t allowed to say whether or not the following entrants made the final short­list, here are some fun diorama back stories. (Check the hashtag for more.)

D.C.’s hottest new neighborhood? “Peepworth.”

Hope Peepworth made it MT @wpostmagazine: Finished whittling hundreds of Peeps contest entries to top 5! #peepshow2012

— Col. Lucius Petworth (@Petworthies) March 3, 2012

Creating Westminster Abbey, the Peeps version:

My entry to the WaPo peeps diorama content:… #peepshow2012

— Emily Patterson (@WereOutofHere) March 1, 2012

Creating “Mount Peepmore”:

Can Peeps bring attention to national parks? NPCA staff try to find out by building “Mount Peepmore.” #peepshow2012

— National Parks News (@NPCA) March 2, 2012

View Photo Gallery: The winning entry and 35 runners-up from the 2011 Washington Post Peeps Diorama Contest.

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