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It takes a decade to build a supermarket in one Washington neighborhood, which leaves the Cathedral/Cleveland Park neighborhood with a 1950s-era grocery store. Then there’s the Safeway in Tenleytown, known as the Secret Safeway for its hidden location, which is going to be part of a big mixed use development.

Three students from Montgomery County, Md. were killed in a single-car crash early Sunday after their car hit a tree. The driver, who left the scene, was found three hours later and arrested.

DMV neighborhoods are still segregated, although often by class and socioeconomics rather than solely by race. But individuals can bridge the divide, as did these two young men, boyhood pals, who have written a book together.

Sean Lanigan is greeted by his oldest daughter, Briana, at his home in Centreville. Lanigan is a school teacher and soccer coach who was falsely accused of molesting a sixth-grade girl. His reputation was trashed, his legal bills totaled $120,000, and now the school system is dumping him. (Jahi Chikwendiu/WASHINGTON POST)

Capital Business stories: Wachovia bank signs will disappear by August, to be replaced by the famous (in the West) stagecoach logo of Wells Fargo. How to seek an angel investor for startups in search of funding. Government contractors are pushing back against a draft executive order that could force them to disclose their donations to groups that engage in political activities.

The spring shad run is about to start in our region, but environmentalists warn that it’s not guaranteed to last forever. The silvery shad that Native Americans used to teach European settlers how to fertilize crops, and which helped feed George Washington’s Continental Army, and which provide food to eagles and otters, have started to disappear in alarming numbers. The culprit appears to be four giant dams.

It’s almost intern season, and there will be no shortage of fresh-faced, neatly pressed newbies to Washington. Here are five myths about the Washington intern that we debunk.

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