Shoppers line up to buy the latest iPhone at the Apple store in Bethesda. (Michael Rosenwald/The Washington Post)

Read Michael S. Rosenwald’s account of his experience at the Bethesda Apple store this morning.

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak joined the sleepover at the Apple store in Los Gatos, Calif., to get a crack at the new iPhone 4S. Also lining up — with a bunch of other bleary-eyed people on the East Coast — is Post reporter Michael S. Rosenwald

The newest iPhone goes on sale Friday starting at 8 a.m. in each time zone in the United States. Sales already have broken records due to first-day pre-orders; reviews have been overwhelmingly positive.

Watch for Rosenwald’s reports and photos this morning from the Bethesda Apple store, where it’s been drizzling on a long line of iPhone fans. You can follow him on Twitter @PostRosenwaldMD.

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At the Apple store in Bethesda, a man pitches an app to people waiting in line for the release of the new iPhone 4S. (By Michael Rosenwald)

Shoppers also need to choose between black and white iPhones, yet another communications technology decision that has obsessed some buyers. Later today, find out what Rosenwald chose. Watch his blog for updates: Rosenwald, Md.