A10-foot sign outside the IRS building on 12th Street and Constitution Avenue NW was snapped in half — purportedly by high winds. (Dan Zak/The Washington Post)

Except, in this case, the IRS denies that any ill will was involved, reports the Post’s Dan Zak. The IRS blames not an irate resident with a sledgehammer in tow, but the wind.

With Tax Day on the horizon, conspiracy theories persist no matter what the official cause. And vandalism or not, the macabre makeover may not be all that bad.

“The damage is actually an improvement,” writes Zak. “It reveals a far more interesting interior of plywood and honeycombed cardboard and a strange fibrous membrane that feels like horsehair.”

Read more about the damaged sign, and tell us what you think happened. Was this “decapitation-by-Mother-Nature” or just another instance of injury against the IRS? Share your comments below.