For many of us, the fairy tale is not the ideal. (Matt Dunham/Associated Press)

I’ll give you a second to nod your heads in agreement.

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Now that married adults 18 and older are about to be a minority at 51 percent, according to Pew Research Center figures, it’s time for Us Young People to think about our Unique Place in Time, that spot somewhere out there between Trying to Pay Rent and and Trying to Fall in Love and Pay For a Wedding.

TV personality Kim Kardashian's wedding ring, presented without comment. (Jumana El Heloueh/Reuters)

So, while politicians and celebrities try to define marriage as The Man and Woman Fairy Tale for the rest of us, even while setting their own failing examples, what they don’t seem to get is that a new crop of young, marrying-age people have long been exhausted on this concept.

View Photo Gallery: This year saw more than its fair share of spectacular weddings. From Kate Middleton’s fairy tale union with Prince William, to reality TV princess Kim Kardashian’s extravagant marriage to Kris Humphries, over-the-top ceremonies reigned. But as dramatic as the weddings were, so, too, were the divorces.

About a year ago, just after this Pew study indicated nearly a quarter of Americans believed marriage is unnecessary, we asked people to take a poll and use #Stateofmarriage on Twitter to tell us what they thought. In our unscientific poll, 53 percent of respondents believed marriage “will always be a revered institution,” followed by 34 percent that believed marriage was no longer a dominating societal force.

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