The face of a winner: World Chili Eating Championship victor Joey Chestnut films a commercial in Bethesda. (Courtesy of Force 3)

8: Years of Taste of D.C. festival hiatus since its last incarnation in 2003.

$3,000: The reward offered to the winner of the World Chili Eating Championship, sponsored by Ben’s Chili Bowl. Joey Chestnut of Major League Eating fame ate two gallons of the stuff to snag the win and a new world record.

105: Weight, in pounds, of runner-up chili-eating champion Sonya ”The Black Widow” Thomas.

7,000: The number of “Stop the Machine” protesters organizer Kevin Zeese estimated shared the scene with the Taste of D.C. crowd. The number was based on online registrations, Zeese told the Washington Examiner.

5: The number of main thoroughfares closed for the event. (Bonus number! Three train lines were out of commission or single-tracking. Here’s a post-Taste update.)

3: Give or take a view, the number of times you can expect to gag while watching this NBC Washington video: