As Cokie Roberts and her rescue dog Katie are learning today, celebrity certainly has its advantage.

Katie, journalist Cokie Roberts’s recently adopted dog, has been missing since Saturday. (Photo courtesy of Lab Rescue of LRCP)

The Lab Rescue of the Labrador Retriever Club of the Potomac, which is helping Roberts find her dog, announced the search — and the $100 reward — Tuesday morning.

By midday, more than a half-dozen local and national news outlets were reporting the story and asking for help finding the missing dog.

Politico even mocked the media coverage: “How you know you’ve made it in journalism ... When your dog goes missing, everybody writes about it.”

According to Lab Rescue, Katie went missing in the Bradley Boulevard area of Bethesda, where Roberts lives, around 6:15 p.m. Saturday.

The dog initially headed north and may have been spotted later Saturday evening at the intersection of Marbury and Durbin roads, near Walt Whitman High School.

Katie is 48 pounds, black with gray fur around her muzzle, and wearing a collar with a Lab Rescue tag attached. She is described as “gentle but extremely shy.”

The club asks that people not try to catch or approach her, but instead keep her in sight and call Lab Rescue at 703-589-5034 or Montgomery County Animal Emergency Line at 240-773-5900.

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