There was recently a meeting of reality royalty in D.C., when Kate Gosselin (kids in tow) showed up at Georgetown Cupcake to do a little baking for a segment on her show “Kate Plus 8.”

Things quickly took a strange turn: Gosselin hatched a plan to snare a date with a complete stranger she spied walking down a Georgetown street by offering him a cupcake from the famous D.C. bakery.

Gosselin enlisted the help of her bodyguard Steve Nield to lure the local hunk to the store.

“I was like ‘Chase him!’” Gosselin said in the episode.

When Steve brought the guy to the store, Gosselin met him on the sidewalk holding a cupcake. So did her plan work? Well, not exactly.

His response: “Do you have gluten-free cupcakes?”

The guy, who was never identified, didn’t know who Kate was either.