Occupy protesters Adrian Parsons, left, Kelly Mears, right, and Sam Jewler, not pictured, have their last meal before beginning their hunger strike at the Occupy D.C. encampment on Dec. 8. (Ricky Carioti/WASHINGTON POST)

Occupy the Vote D.C.,” spearheaded by protesters Adrian Parsons, Sam Jewler and Kelly Mears, is a mini-movement within Occupy D.C. aiming to accomplish what other voting advocate groups and the District’s current mayor haven’t — full representation and voting rights in Congress.

With their roles at the encampment ranging from media to video to art, here’s what we know about the three protesters leading the charge:

Adrian Parsons at the "Happy Sundays" pool party held at the Donovan House rooftop pool in May. (Rebecca D'Angelo/For the Washington Post)

• Kelly Mears, a Web developer, is a part of Occupy D.C.’s “tech ops” team and is involved with the movement’s livestream broadcasts, Twitter feeds and communication with the media. (If you’ve ever been to a march, Mears is usually the guy running around with a laptop camera resting in a baby carriage.) He tells the Post more about what he does in the video below:

• Sam Jewler curates and writes for The Occupied Washington Times, McPherson Square’s paper of record.

“Part of this is also to, like, introduce who we are to people,” Jewler told PBS NewsHour of the paper, which features profiles of, and commentary from, protesters. He’s live-tweeting his march to the Hill now:

88 hrs into #hungerstrike I’m going with @occupythevotedc 4 other strikers to try to meet with Rep Hal Rogers. No rider impositions on DC.

— Sam J (@LuddoftheFuture) December 12, 2011

Catch the rest of the team’s live stream below:

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