Good morning.

Remember the case of the man who was refused entry to the DC9 nightclub, threw a brick through the window, was beaten by nightclub employees in the street and died? The U.S. attorney said his office will not pursue criminal charges.

Washington, DC - February 18: DC Council Chairman Kwame Brown's alleged new Lincoln Navigator parked outside of the District Building, Feb. 18. (Bill O'Leary/WASHINGTON POST)

Tolls may be going up on the Bay Bridge and the Inter-County Connector, no matter what you drive, if the Maryland Transportation Authority’s proposal is approved.

Loudoun’s Bernie Madoff: A woman who looted her client’s bank accounts, ostensibly to pay for family medical bills (but an awful lot went to Redskins tickets and trips to Vegas) is going to be sentenced Friday. Expect a crowd as Linda Tribby faces the judge.

Budget battle. The president of the Montgomery County Council says that a top police union official crossed from advocacy into threats during a budget-cutting struggle when he warned about police with guns on picket lines. The union officials denies making any illegal threats.

We have a winner of the National Spelling Bee, and it’s Sukanya Roy of Pennsylvania’s Abingdon Heights Middle School. Our last regional hope, Surjo Bandyopadhyay, lasted until the semifinals.

You’re never really anonymous online, and you’d think that by now people would know that. Somebody, and we don’t know who yet, anonymously posted comments to two blogs that matched subsequent statements by the D.C. mayor’s office.

It’s not a royal wedding, but the Virginia governor’s mansion will host a wedding this weekend. Gov. Robert McDonnell’s daughter will hold her wedding reception there.

Hey, it’s almost the weekend! You’ll have the most fun Sunday at the Post Hunt, but there are thousands of other things to do. How about a family day of jazz? A one-day tour of the District? Hiking and bird-watching in the mountains? We’ll be here all weekend, providing you with news.