Hitler’s stationery landed in the hands of CIA officials. A new exhibit offers a glimpse into the agency’s history. (Reuters)

A letter from the desk of the Fuehrer. At CIA headquarters, one of the newest artifacts in the agency’s private museum is a message from a father to his 3-year-old son — on Hitler’s personal stationery.

At least six people were shot in the District on Halloween night. One of the shootings occurred on M Street in Georgetown and appeared to come from a car that drove between two groups of people.

Judge: No possible hearsay admissable in Brittany Norwood trial. Jurors in Norwood’s murder trial will probably not hear about the motive that prosecutors think drove her to kill a co-worker inside a Bethesda Lululemon store.

“I don’t know how much more hearsay it could be,” Montgomery Circuit Judge Robert Greenberg said in court Monday, before the jury was ushered in for the day. “And I am not going to permit it.”

Boy stuck at Children’s National Medical Center can leave — when bills are paid up. The boy has been accepted in a Philadelphia residential facility, authorities said Monday, but he can’t go there until it’s determined who will pay for his treatment. The hospital has been trying to discharge him since Sept. 28.

Zombie Obama with bullet wound in forehead: Not okay. The Republican Party of Virginia on Monday strongly condemned an e-mail sent by Loudoun County’s GOP committee that shows President Obama as a zombie with part of his skull missing and a bullet through his head.

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