Good afternoon. Batten down the hatches — it sounds like the rain is on the way, and it's expected to last through much of Thursday, according to The Capital Weather Gang. Fortunately the temperature is almost always just right in the D.C. area blogosphere, where we have a fabulous selection of posts for this Wednesday afternoon. Read on.

The Natural Capital reports that the D.C. Environmental Film Festival kicks off next week and includes several films with D.C. area roots, including one about a one-acre parcel inside the Beltway that's cared for by 89-year-old Charlie Koiner.

Fashionable and frugal. Bloomies and Target coming to Georgetown? So says a report from Georgetown Dish via the Georgetown Current.

The celebrations are already starting. From ARLnow.come some shots from the Mardi Gras/St. Patrick's Day parade in Clarendon on Tuesday night. Clarendon Nights also has a few snaps .

Extraordinary Observations — usually a fan of these special offers — has this post on what happens when a Groupon deal goes bad. (And on Valentine's Day, no less!)

Eat locally? Now you can also drink locally. Metrocurean has a list of local beers to sample .

That's it for now. Thanks for reading and have a great rest of the day. Check back in this space tomorrow for more great posts from the D.C. area blogosphere.