Something seemed wrong with the D.C. police account that they only escort the president, vice president and visiting heads of state. If that was so, we sure have a lot of high-level tourists in the city (or Joe Biden has been joy-riding).

Jay-Z. (Bill Kostroun/AP)

We’re not unsympathetic; after all, who likes to wait on a game, or a concert, or a billionaire in the act of making more billions? But it sort of irks those of us who pay the taxes that pay the salaries of those local police when we are sitting in some of the worst traffic in the nation and we’re further delayed when those black SUVs and limos go smokin’ by.

The AP said the department has generally been reimbursed for the escorts, in amounts ranging from several hundred dollars to nearly $30,000, its invoices show.

Charlie Sheen talked with the MPD officer that gave him a police escort from Dulles Airport to DAR Constitution Hall on April 19. (Mark Gail)