I have no specific rooting interest in the Stanley Cup Finals, but I am a fan of hockey. And what happened last night was an embarrassment to the sport. Late hits, taunting and cheap shots are not part of an already physical game; it's bush league. Forget the score: That was one of the ugliest postseason matchups I've seen in some time. And the Nats lost. Ugh.

U.S. Congressman Anthony Weiner. (Richard Drew/AP)

Sulaimon Brown (Linda Davidson/The Washington Post)

I haven't yet decided what I want done with my body when I die. I'd like to think that maybe I could have some awesome shrine that gawkers could look at and think, "That guy must have been really important." Kidding. But for some baby boomers, the traditional burial/cremation dichotomy isn't enough to satisfy their specific personalities. These days, green burials are all the rage for the environmentally conscious. The Post's Rachel Saslow reports on the newest craze in the region for final resting places.

Every time I'm in the grocery store and see a hokey lifestyle magazine, I cringe. As a journalist they give me pause. They all have the same awkward headlines about sex and it seems that every other month the same tips are on the cover. But the work that goes into those recommendations is in fact quite intense, on a certain level. Slate's Katherine Goldstein recalls her fabulous days as a freelance fact-checker for Cosmopolitan, which was every bit as glorious and horrifying as you probably could imagine.

The Redskins have been making many moves in the offseason, few of which are football related. With the lockout keeping personnel moves on hold, when Dan Snyder's hasn't been suing newspapers, he's been redoing FedEx Field. The team has been ripping out seats inside the stadium for months to insert "party decks" on the upper level. The Post's Mike Jones reports on the franchise's "multimillion-dollar renovation project."

Extra Bites

• This latest dancing on the Mall phenomenon has apparently caused some otherwise sane people to start behaving irrationally. D.C. Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton is proposing to amend a Mall revitalization bill to declare July 30th "National Dance Day." This seems like a tremendous use of resources.

• Lance Wyman, the man who designed Metro's iconic map over 40 years ago and is responsible for the newest iteration of the guide, chatted live today with Post readers.

• Four words: Vegan Black Metal Chef. YouTube is unreal sometimes.

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