The more I think about it, Labor Day just might be my favorite holiday weekend of the year. In the sports world, baseball season is coming down the stretch, international soccer is in full swing and football season starts back as well. I’m most definitely looking forward to it.




When humans show up, they tend to destroy things. Space is no different. 30-odd years after man walked on the moon, NASA says that junk is orbiting around in space to the point that it is threatening active satellites and manned spacecraft. The Post’s Christian Torres reports on the growing problem of space debris, which after colliding together creates more trash, a chain reaction known as a “collision cascade.”

When the Capitals alerted the media yesterday that Alex Ovechkin would be making a ‘big announcement’ that afternoon, the Twitter speculation went wild. Personally, I was hoping he’d release a new line of Ciroc Vodka with Diddy called ‘Russian Roulette.’ Alas, turns out he’s just signing an endorsement deal with Nike, which means the price of his gear will go up and he’ll be in more commercials. Good for him.

Extra Bites

• I’m a big fan of gallery shows, especially ones with photographs. I’m particularly fond of gallery shows that feature pictures of things in D.C. If you’re like me, a Gallery at Vivid Solutions exhibition called “(Un)Lock It: the Percussive People in the Go-Go Pocket,” might be for you.

• Summer’s done and Click Track’s Allison Stewart adds up the winners and losers from the season in the music world. Hint: One artist makes both lists.

• You want to know how to make $25M in one day? Ask this guy.

Long weekend ahead, so we won’t be back until Tuesday. Say it with me now: Safety first. Have a good one!

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