Stella Bernstein, 16, (left) and friend Emily Combs, 20 at the Capital Pride Festival. (Linda Davidson/THE WASHINGTON POST)

Last week was about as embarrassing as it gets for the District of Columbia. If you work in the Wilson Building as an elected official, there was a pretty good chance that your name was implicated in a crime or ethics scandal of some sort. But as shameful as the entire situation has been for D.C. residents, the fact is that things are still getting done around the city. The Post's Mike DeBonis and Chris L. Jenkins analyze how the past week has played into D.C.'s legacy as a city that struggles to govern itself and address "concern that a decade of growth that transformed the city's neighborhoods, improved its services and raised its global stature could come to an end."

I strongly believe in the power of team sports. Call me a dreamer, but the value of being a part of a group that plays together is something that can help you in more ways than just on the field. And for many of the homeless scattered across Montgomery County, soccer serves as a refuge from the difficult lives they otherwise lead. The Post's Christian Davenport reports on the fourth annual Street Soccer USA Tournament, a national event that brings people who live on the street together to play the world's game.

You have to be careful what you read. Just because something's on the Internet doesn't make it true, and in some cases it may be a deliberate lie. Such is the case for the blog "A Gay Girl In Damascus," which purported to be a frontlines commentary on the evolving story of the government's crackdown on protestors. Turns out it was an American guy living in Scotland, who happens to have a major interest in Syrian affairs. The Post's Melissa Bell and Elizabeth Flock report on how a guy named Tom MacMaster temporarily enthralled the globe.

Forest fires are nothing new and neither are the planes that fight them. When a blaze breaks out somewhere in the U.S., there are only a certain number of winged machines that are equipped to help keep the fires under control. Problem is, those planes are more than 50 years old and are breaking down frequently. The Post's Darryl Fears reports on how the Forest Service plans to replenish its fleet with planes that won't fall apart in the sky.

Dwyane Wade #3 of the Miami Heat is held back by teammates LeBron James #6 and Udonis Haslem #40 as wade argues with referee Derrick Stafford #9 against the Dallas Mavericks in Game Six of the 2011 NBA Finals. (Marc Serota/GETTY IMAGES)

Extra Bites

• The Tony Awards were also held last night, and two somewhat surprising names came away with some major hardware. Matt Stone and Trey Parker, who created "South Park," teamed up with Robert Lopez on "The Book of Mormon" and it was a smash hit. Now, it's a Broadway legend.

• Fat Joe may have to change his name soon. The Bronx-born rapper recently shed nearly 100 pounds after deciding he needed to get his diet under control. Good for him.

• This is a picture of a llama at a gas station in Virginia. Happy Monday.

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