The other day, I wrote on Facebook that I'd love to hear a parody song about a Google Web browser called "Sluggish Buggish Chrome." At the time I was thinking of the old Bone Thugs N Harmony song, but because my friends are more creative than that, I ended up with something better. My homeboy Edmond (who was known as "The Flying Dutchman" in our days back in Northwest Little League) made this little ditty. Enjoy. Sorta NSFW.

We've got a couple of strong candidates for the "Parents of the Year" award for Maryland. The first nominee comes from Baltimore, where a woman found herself getting carjacked at 10:30 at night and flying down the highway with a criminal and her baby, according to police. Instead of leaving herself and her 20-month-old son at the mercy of their abductor, officials say she clutched her child to her chest and JUMPED FROM THE MOVING CAR on the Capital Beltway in Bethesda. The second nominee comes from Germantown, where some guy high on PCP tried to steal a man's son from him at a Best Buy, and the dad did his best to beat him down before others came to help, according to court records. Heck of a week in MoCo.

Back in October, then-D.C. schools chancellor Michelle Rhee, right, shared a laugh with interim schools chancellor Kaya Henderson during a press conference. (Ricky Carioti)

New Orleans Bounce artist Big Freedia performs to a packed room at DC9 on May 24. He is a large part of why the “Sissy Bounce” is catching on. (Josh Sisk/FTWP)

A webpage displaying Spotify Ltd.'s Spotify music site is seen on a computer monitor in San Francisco on July 14. (David Paul Morris/BLOOMBERG)

Mark it on your calendar: Dan Snyder has finally admitted that people don't want to go watch the Redskins play live. The outspoken owner has allowed one of his minions to confirm that the team, in fact, could not sell certain season tickets and therefore removed them from FedEx Field. If you've followed the Redskins for more than 10 years, this is a STUNNING little about-face. Although, the front office is claiming that it has nothing to do with ticket sales, the removed seats were just "the least desirable seats in the stadium," The Post's Dan Steinberg and Mike Jones report.

Extra Bites

• If there's one thing Oprah Winfrey knows how to do, it's make it all about her. And now that her television network is struggling, she's decided to put someone else on the cover of her magazine take over as CEO of the station. The TV Column's Lisa de Moraes has the latest from Harpo Studios.

• We love Jack White over here at Lunchline headquarters, but we don't agree with Click Track's Allison Stewart about who we'd like to see him collaborate with. You know who I'd like more tracks with? Meg White.

• Here are the first seven Harry Potter movies, condensed into six minutes. You're welcome. Happy weekend!

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