Clinton Yates. (Breton Littlehales/The Washington Post)

I have to give it to D.C. Council member Michael A. Brown for creativity. His bill to legalize online gambling in D.C. has passed the 30-day congressional objection period, and now the city is moving forward with plans to transform itself into a hub for Internet-based games. In a year, D.C. could be pulling in cash from people playing games on their home computers. The Post's Justin Jouvenal and Michael Laris report on how the District plans to pull off a moneymaking scheme whose legal ramifications are still murky.

The barbershop is generally considered a sacrosanct location when it comes to violence. Although the usual trash-talking disputes will occasionally boil over, the familiarity of the shop generally does not promote a murderous vibe. So, when I first heard that an Annandale barber was shot and killed on the job, I was pretty stunned. The Post's Matt Zapotosky and Christy Goodman report on the unfortunate story of how a dispute between two employees left one man dead, another wounded and a third in jail.

My friend Lucie went to the University of St. Andrews and I remember being jealous that they were given access to what some people call the best golf course in the world. Later, when I learned that Prince William went there, I figured this place was pretty much the coolest school in the U.K. What Lucie NEVER told me is that the university's museum apparently has one of the largest collections of historical sex toys and erotic artifacts in the world. Slate's Tony Perrottet unlocks the secrets of the "college of love," and there's a slideshow!

If you've never been to Dumbarton Oaks, do yourself a favor. Grab someone you care about and a picnic basket, head down to Montrose Park, enjoy your delectables, then go explore the legendary mansion and gardens. But fun, sunny days notwithstanding, the actual grounds the facility lies on are an ecological disaster, according to eminent biologist Edward O. Wilson. The Post's Adrian Higgins chronicles the Harvard professor's effort to conserve the natural environment surrounding the Georgetown estate, where he first learned to be a "naturalist in Rock Creek Park."

While most of us were busy biting our nails watching the game at the Verizon Center , the Nationals were scrambling to contend with two-time Cy Young Award winner Roy Halladay and the Phillies. The dominant right-hander pitched a complete game, struck out nine and got the 3-2 win over the Nats. And in WAY more important news from the ballpark, the Nationals have apparently decided to introduce a new JFK racing president (!), sort of. DC Sports Bog's Dan Steinberg has the details.

Extra Bites

• Cellular news update: The white iPhone 4 is one step closer to reality and may be on the shelves in the next few weeks, according to sources. Just in time for dads and grads. Also, T-Mobile is introducing an unlimited data plan, but it does actually have limits. Go figure.

• The week's Click Track Singles File includes a Rihanna/Britney Spears remix, a Beastie Boys song you should already know about and a Jay-Z/Sade collaboration. Tres cool.

• Violent crime in Arlington is down, but vending machine larceny is up. Seriously.

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