It’s the last day of August, which means we’re officially moving into fall in D.C. You can feel it in the weather already. As much as I love spring in my hometown, autumn is the season that pleases me most. It’s warm during the day and cold at night. It doesn’t get any better than that.

If you’re familiar with D.C.’s crime history, you know who Cornell Jones is. The one-time kingpin that famously ran one of the city’s most notorious open-air drug markets has been documented by many and is unfortunately back in the news for the wrong reasons. Jones’ non-profit (already considered shady by some) is being sued by the city for its involvement with the popular nightspot Stadium Club. The lawsuit claims that Jones used money designated to fund a job-training center for people with HIV/AIDS to renovate the building that is now the strip club. The Post’s Nikita Stewart reports.

U.S. Park Ranger Joseph Mohr stands in the shade of the MLK Memorial, which features a quote that is actually paraphrased from one of King’s speeches. (Nikki Kahn/THE WASHINGTON POST)

Although whites are gaining in numbers in D.C. proper, that is certainly not the case in the region as a whole. New census numbers show that racial and ethnic minorities make up more than half of the area’s population. Not only is that the case around here, but also in eight metropolitan areas across the country. The Post’s Carol Morello and Ted Mellnik report on the demographic trend that one Brookings Institute analyst calls “pivotal.”

As someone who lives a fair amount of my life on the Internet, self-promotion is a big part of things. And the balance between trying to get one’s product out there and coming across as a pushy jerk is very tough to balance. To some, it’s completely understandable to promote one’s wares on social networks, but others will go as far as to block or defriend you if you do it too much. This week, Slate’s Farhad Manjoo and Emily Yoffe debate the question: Is it OK to tweet your own horn?

Stephen Strasburg throws to the Rochester Red Wings during a rehab start for the Triple-A Syracuse Chiefs on Saturday (Nicholas Lisi/AP)

Extra Bites

• Because I’m obsessed with all things D.C., I have a particular affinity for old buildings like schools, movie theaters and libraries. Here’s a look back at some old school facilities in the city, some of which are intact, some of which are in tragic disrepair.

• Army and Air Force officials have approved the distribution of a magazine targeting gay service members on its bases. This is progress.

• Protip: If you ever get to party with the Stanley Cup, don’t dent it. Come on, son.

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