Nick Ashford with Valerie Simpson. (RISASI DAIS/AP)

Construction workers sweep recently laid bricks in the 1300 block of H Street NE. (Sarah L. Voisin/THE WASHINGTON POST)

I’ve said before that war reporting requires more mettle than many are capable of. When I watched CNN’s Matthew Chance reporting live from Libya’s Rixos Al Nasr Hotel in downtown Tripoli Sunday, it was genuinely making my palms sweat. He was clearly shaken and nervous, doing his best to report while not startling or upsetting any of the large men with guns looming in the background. I can’t imagine anything scarier on the job. The Post’s Paul Farhi reports on the how that specific hotel has become a terrifying prison for journos trapped in Libya.

As the journalism industry has evolved, making excuses for print media has become increasingly difficult. Aside from certain cases, the world of online news is legitimately more accessible to many readers and understandably so. But what’s the point of reading if you can’t remember most of it? A new academic study done by a University of Oregon group of professors found that people who read print newspaper retain “significantly” more information than their digital counterparts. Slate’s Jack Shafer reports.

Michelle Rhee. (Susan Biddle/FOR THE WASHINGTON POST)

Kevin Dorsey shows off during a football uniform fashion show. (toni l. sandys/WASHINGTON POST)

Extra Bites

• Hewlett-Packard nearly broke Twitter yesterday when news that they were selling a $99 tablet computer hit the Internet. Details on the deal were confusing at first, and the scramble to figure out how to order them sent the tech world into a flurry. The Post’s Sean Hollister sorts it out.

• You know that guy Sir Richard Branson, the Virgin Records magnate with the crazy private island house that was once on MTV Cribs? Yeah, that burned down.

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