Game 7s are probably my favorite thing in the world when it comes to sports, and thanks to the Boston Bruins, we're getting one this week. If you're the kind of person who only cares about hockey if the Capitals are playing, then I feel for you. One decisive game to decide who raises Lord Stanley's Cup is a puck fan's dream. Consider my Wednesday night booked.

Jorge Rueda Landeros. (INTERPOL)

I can't imagine many things scarier than dealing with a potential terrorist attack on the Metro. I have no idea what I'd do if a person walked onto a train and started making bomb threats. But the riders on a train heading inbound from Twinbrook didn't wait to ask too many questions when a 51-year-old woman said, "Now I'm going to kill you all," according to police. The Post's Dana Hedgpeth reports on how the scare unfolded, and the woman accused is now in a mental institution.

Apparently, claiming to be a Navy SEAL is something to do. Guys all across the country do it on social networking sites, on job applications or while bragging on a night out, and they definitely do not have the stripes to prove it. And although the government doesn't have the wherewithal to investigate every single person lying about being in an elite combat unit, there are people out there willing to do it for them. The Post's Annys Shin chronicles the work of phony SEAL busters, who go to incredible lengths to out these frauds.

The real winner of last night's Republican debate is in question. Although most of the contenders for the GOP presidential nomination used their respective podiums to bash President Obama, it wasn't the most explosive of nights in New Hampshire. But if you didn't know who Michelle Bachmann was before you tuned in, you do now. Slate's John Dickerson says that Mitt Romney was the overall winner in that he didn't do anything to hurt himself, but The Post's Dana Milbank is counting Bachmann as the true victor from Monday night.

Washington Nationals third baseman Ryan Zimmerman loosens up before a spring training game against the Yankees in Tampa in March. (STEVE NESIUS/REUTERS)

Extra Bites

• Today is Flag Day, in case you didn't know, and the folks who basically celebrate the holiday every day are getting together for a moment at Dupont Circle this evening. If you've got a tattoo of the three stars and two bars, you are in the cool kids club. It's apparently going to be the "largest-ever gathering of people with D.C. flag tattoos."

• More from the phony department. Not only was "A Gay Girl in Damascus" a fake, the creator of "Lez Get Real" is also a man. Lame sauce.

• If you're an international jetsetter with the need for an officially unlocked iPhone, you probably won't mind paying $700 for one.

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