Oppressive summer heat settles in nationwide. (Jan-Michael Stump/AP)

View of the Dulles Metrorail construction project. (Jahi Chikwendiu/WASHINGTON POST)

Northern Virginia is home to a lot of traditional families. New Census figures prove that the typical nuclear family setup is thriving in the commonwealth's D.C. suburbs, and the influx of Hispanic and Asian immigrants is the main reason. Some might find this ironic, considering that a lot of conservatives in the state have long taken stances against immigrants (legal or not) claiming they are ruining the fabric of their communities. The fact is that they are much more likely to be a part of a traditional family than whites or blacks. The Post's Carol Morello and Ted Mellnik report on the details released today.

Bethesda's streets are about to get a whole lot more crowded. As the expansion of the National Naval Medical Center looms, more residents are worried that the increased construction is going to create a constant traffic debacle, kill business and make things patently unsafe for pedestrians crossing Rockville Pike. Unfortunately, the move is government-mandated, so it has to happen. The Post's Brian M. Rosenthal reports on how Walter Reed Army Medical Center's move is going to affect Montgomery County.

It's good to see that competing organizations can still work together for the greater good, occasionally. Albeit, in this case, it was arguably in an attempt to take down a third rival, it is fascinating to me that the Guardian newspaper and the New York Times collaborated to help break the News Corp. phone hacking case. While the Guardian did the initial digging, when its reporters ran into roadblocks, its editor called the Times and asked for help. The Post's Paul Farhi reports on the team effort that produced one of the biggest media stories ever.

D.C. United's Dwayne De Rosario, left, with Charlie Davies. (Jonathan Newton/WASHINGTON POST)

Extra Bites

• Another record has leaked from Jay-Z and Kanye West's superduo album called "Watch the Throne," set for an Aug. 1 release. It's called "Otis" and not surprisingly features a tremendous sample of Otis Redding, one of the best soul crooners of all time, even though he died at age 26. Not a bad little song (NSFW).

• Campus Overload's Jenna Johnson compiles the #THATintern page, which features hilarious stories about interns that we're all familiar with. Yesterday's was especially funny: The study abroad intern.

• If you're into old school pictures of the D.C. area like I am, you'll enjoy this.

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