It's Friday the 13th, which means that people with triskaidekaphobia are likely staying inside their homes and watching old horror movies. Kidding. Sidenote: The first flick featuring Jason Voorhees opened in 1980. Just a thought. I do have good news, though: It's going to rain all weekend. Ugh.


I love hipsters. Some folks consider it an insult to be identified as such, but if I were ever marked with the moniker, I'd consider it a badge of honor. Under what other movement can you dress randomly, drink canned beer, wear sunglasses everywhere and still be considered cool? Now, apparently, there are people in the business of judging which cities have the most hipsters per capita. The Post's Katie Rogers reports on where D.C. ranks on this list, and shockingly manages to not mention Williamsburg. Well done.

For the first time since Charlie Sheen's meltdown, CBS has identified a replacement for him on "Two and A Half Men" that makes sense. America's favorite goofball Ashton Kutcher tweeted wryly last night, "what's the square root of 6.25?" — leading to speculation that he will somehow be involved with the hit sitcom. The TV Column's Lisa de Moraes breaks down the particulars of the deal that could put Kelso in Charlie's house.

Wallets are apparently going the way of the dodo. As credit card companies make moves toward turning your smartphone into a payment machine, the need for a physical receptacle to hold your cash and ID is becoming less useful. And in large swaths of Europe and Asia, this trend has already taken over for many consumers. Slate's Annie Lowrey wonders "how soon until that technology comes to America?"


Extra Bites

• Kenneth is hands-down my favorite character on "30 Rock." His aloof, Pollyannaish yet blindingly non-judgmental view on the world is the stuff great television is made of. But it turns out, being a page at Rockefeller Center isn't all it's cracked up to be. Campus Overload's Jenna Johnson has the details.

• Audie Cornish has been named the new host of "Weekend Edition" on NPR. I think I know how I'll be spending my Sunday mornings from here on out.

• Guess what? Metro is shutting down the escalators at Dupont and Foggy Bottom for a year. Awesome.

By the way, there's no live chat today because of technical upgrades to the site. Happy weekend!

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