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In case you didn't know, there's an election being held in the District on Tuesday . The ballots will be open to determine an at-large seat on the D.C. Council, and the field is wide open. Special elections are not typically very well attended, so it's entirely possible that a couple thousand residents will choose one of the 13 lawmakers responsible for governing the District. The Post's Tim Craig breaks down the candidates, which include a few names you may know, even if city politics aren't your thing. Oh, and if you think race-baiting isn't still very much a part of our political landscape, think again.

DCUSA is moving on up . The Columbia Heights retail facility that's been at less than capacity since it opened has inked a couple new national chains to fill out its storefronts. Modell's Sporting Goods stores is coming in to replace Lane Bryant, and megastore DSW Shoes is planning to move in in the fall. Capital Business' Danielle Douglas reports on how the mall continues to change the face of retail in its ever-evolving neighborhood.

Every major morning show in the world is broadcasting from England this week , and feelings on the royal wedding are mixed at best. While the knicknacks that line the streets of London are mostly there for goofy tourists looking to "commemorate" the day, many locals frankly couldn't care less. In fact, for some residents, the endless barrage of Kate Middleton and Prince William news is driving them insane. The Post's Monica Hesse chronicles "the haters" with a perfect dosage of snobby snark.

I have all the respect in the world for restaurant servers . It's an experience that every person should go through at some point in their lives to gain perspective. That being said, the human element of dining out can often be frustrating. So when a couple of MIT kids were having trouble splitting their bill after a night out, it sparked an idea for a computerized table ordering system. Slate's Annie Lowrey explains how a Palo Alto, Calif.-based startup is banking on tablet computers to revolutionize food service.

I can't think of a less-talked-about NFL Draft in the last 10 years . With the lockout situation looming over the league, the typically glamorous event in New York has been more of a tentative get-together than ever before. One of the parties on the shakiest ground is the agents that represent players. Without the ability to negotiate contracts, their jobs are effectively on hold. The Post's Rick Maese chronicles the incredible story of Joby Branion, who overcame a troubled past to become an NFL agent.

Extra Bites

• Did you know that China not only has more people than every other country in the world, but also more pigs? Were you aware that Norway has a doomsday pepper vault? Or that the chocolate market in Africa is in flux? Foreign Policy's Joshua Keating documents how global food politics explain that we are what we eat.

• You've probably seen the video of the beating of a transgender woman at a Baltimore County McDonalds last week by now. Tonight, advocates for transgender rights are planning to rally outside the Rosedale restaurant.

• Maybe I'm a dork, but I find Moleskine notebooks cool. Especially when they're digital.

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