I want to go the movies this weekend. I can't decide if I want to see "Bridesmaids" or "Pirates of the Caribbean 20." Who am I kidding? "Hobo With a Shotgun" is the best movie name of all time. I'll go with that.

Darryl Keitt spreads his belief about the pending doomsday to Brenda Forester in Washington D.C. (Nikki Kahn/THE WASHINGTON POST)

A can of Four Loko. (Paul Sakuma/AP)

Caroline Greys' flag restoration. (Courtesy of Alan Thompson)


D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray just went up a notch in my book. He hasn't had the easiest of terms so far, but his latest mayoral maneuver should make anyone with a heart smile. When D’Anthony Ellis, a senior first basemen at Anacostia High School found himself without a squad to play on when the school's team folded due to lack of participation, Gray stepped in. The Post's Alan Goldenbach tells the legitimately motivational tale of how the mayor allowed one kid to fulfill his desire to just play baseball.

Extra Bites

• If you've ever used AIM you're familiar with chat bots. They're annoying, often times vulgar in intent and generally not a fun part of the experience. One guy decided that he was going to engage in an actual conversation with a computer and the results are astounding.

• It might be easy to make fun of Arnold Schwarzenegger for his wandering ways, but on the other end, there are real people affected. The story of how his mistress's name and picture were made public is, in fact, quite sad.

• This is a picture of a bus running into the side of a KFC. Safety first, kids.

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