So, as it turns out, dog parks and children are a major hot-button issue. I received more than a fair share of e-mail from both sides of the argument about Arlington County's idea to ban kids from dog parks, and they were all quite vociferous. I'll read a couple of the letters I got on today's live chat, and we shall most definitely discuss.

Rosslyn Metro station.

Former International Monetary Fund leader Dominique Strauss-Kahn listens to proceedings in his case in New York state Supreme Court. (Richard Drew/AP)

The Shops at Georgetown Park mall is a complete shadow of its former self. The partially underground facility used to be at least a marginally popular/viable location, but these days is somewhat of a relic. Case in point: The space that used to house FAO Schwartz has most recently been home to the National Pinball Museum. And now, as The Post's Lori Aratani reports, even that is shutting down.

Full disclosure: I couldn't name one song written by Bob Dylan. Today is his 70th birthday and music scribes around the world have spent major time documenting his undeniable contributions to the culture. The Post's Click Track offers up a nice look back into the archives on what's been written about Dylan over the years, and Slate's John Dickerson offers quite an interesting look at the legacy of a man he refers to as "the changeling who has changed our lives."

Freddy Adu is back, for now. The soccer virtuoso who played at The Heights before his ascent to mediocrity with D.C. United got a miraculous call-up to the U.S. national team for a friendly against the best team in the world and the CONCACAF Gold Cup, which was a flat out stunner in my newsroom yesterday. I got no problems with the kid, but I never thought he would get anything remotely close to another chance to play under the flag. Steven Goff reports.

Extra Bites

• I'm black, and I'm on Twitter. I'll just quote The Root's Elon James White to break down why the Twitterbox is super popular in the black community. White says: "It's time to stop dissecting black folks' every move on the social networking site. Not everything has to be an anthropological study."

• I love goofy smuggler stories. Some guy tried to bring nearly 90 pounds of sheep meat through Dulles Airport on his way to Seattle. This story is hilarious for many reasons. One, he had it in 15 different bags. Two? THE MEAT WAS ALREADY COOKED.

• Joakim Noah of the Chicago Bulls dropped a homophobic slur on a fan and was fined $50K. That's not nearly enough.

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