For the second year in a row, a Nationals reliever entered the MLB All-Star Game, faced one batter and got the win. Last year it was Matt Capps. This year it's Tyler Clippard. Sweet. More urgently, the U.S. Women's National Soccer Team takes on France at noon. According to Abby Wambach, "losing is not an option."

Willis Crockett, left, watches as his son Anthony Gregory, 5, takes part in the a day of volunteer planting as Timothy Collier, right, looks on at Planters Grove park. (Mark Gail/THE WASHINGTON POST)

Gov. Martin O’Malley. (Brian Witte/AP)

First lady Michelle Obama. (MOLLY RILEY/REUTERS)

It seems that in Tanzania, dirty socks have the opposite effect on malaria-infected mosquitoes than they do on humans. Researchers in the East African nation are using smelly laundry as a way to lure the disease-ridden bugs into traps that eventually kill them. The method, if effective, is cheaper and less risky than human testing. The Post's David Brown reports on the latest public health effort that uses body odor to our advantage.

The Redskins are going green, it appears. The team is reportedly scheduled to announce today its plans to install solar panels in the Platinum A1 parking lot that will power the stadium on non-game days, and partially when the field is in use. No word yet on how much this will cost the team, but the project is expected to be finished by the beginning of the 2011 season, should that happen, reports The Post's Mike Jones. No word yet on what the team plans to do to power its offense.

Extra Bites

• Ted Danson has had a heck of TV career. Most famously, he played the bartender Sam Malone on "Cheers," then had a solid run as a doctor on "Becker" (a show I love), and he also played himself quite well on HBO's "Curb Your Enthusiasm." Now, he's joining the cast of "CSI." I can't say that isn't a bit out of left field.

• As we approach the release date for the final cinematic chapter of the Harry Potter saga, let's remember two things. It's been 10 years since this franchise got moving, and there has been some completely ridiculous merchandise for sale in that time.

• To put you back in soccer mood, here's the most fascinating angle you'll see of Abby Wambach's goal against Brasil. (5:10 mark)

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