Residents of Joplin, Mo., after a tornado hit the city Sunday. The tornado tore a path a mile wide and four miles long. (Mike Gullett/AP)

It's never good when a mayor has to hold a secret meeting to apologize to his supporters. But apparently that's exactly what Vincent Gray did last week at a gathering at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Southwest. Frustrated with the mayor's lack of productivity in office, many spoke openly about their disappointments. The turnover at the top of his Cabinet has been high, with little to show for it so far. The Post's Nikita Stewart reports on the meeting that forced Gray to answer directly for what some perceive as his "directionless administration."

Another Tanger Outlet Center similar to what Washingtonians can expect to take form at National Harbor. (Courtesy of Tanger Factory Outlet Centers Inc.)

One of the most frequent complaints about Metro police is that they don't enforce the laws of the system. But yesterday, a video surfaced of two officers rather aggressively handling a man accused of drinking in public. The police claim that the intoxicated man — who was in a wheelchair, by the way — had resisted arrest when they slammed him on the ground. The Post's Martin Weil reports on the video that was shot in the middle of the afternoon outside Ben's Chili Bowl.

The National Museum of African American History and Culture isn't slated to open until 2015 and is already causing problems on Capitol Hill. Earlier this month, Virginia Rep. Jim Moran said he thinks that the segregated nature of the museums on the Mall is negatively impacting the way Congress can fund them. At an appropriations hearing this month, Moran effectively implied that only black people will be going to the "black museum." The Root's Natalie Hopkinson explains why this isn't true.

Unless you were there, you might not know that there was a D.C. United game yesterday. The team managed to land Dutch Eredivisie champs Ajax FC for a friendly at RFK, but the game wasn't aired anywhere on television or the Internet. Apparently the Black and Red fell 2-1 to the Amsterdam club in a relatively well-attended game. The Post's Steven Goff reports on how head coach Ben Olsen did his best not to wear out his starters with some key MLS matchups coming up.

Extra Bites

• I tend to shy away from "tell-all memoirs" because that phrase sounds like a substitute for "may or may not be completely made up." But I do have a slight curiosity about a new book written by a former Sarah Palin aide, who said the ex-governor of Alaska was ready to bolt from office when the money came calling.

• Even though the term "mixtape" is still in regular parlance, it's very hard to find actual cassette tapes anywhere. But now, the cassette is having a mini-revival and labels are releasing music EXCLUSIVELY on tape.

• Arlington is considering banning kids from dog parks. If you can't take a kid to a dog park why have the park at all?

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