The NBA Draft was last night, and I couldn't have cared less. The hats looked terrible, it was held in New Jersey and the Wizards picked some guy who really likes kissing his girlfriend. The only league other than basketball in which the draft is less relevant to the actual professional sport is baseball. You didn't miss anything.

Charlie Sheen with the MPD officer who gave him a police escort on April 19. (Mark Gail)

The taxicab business in D.C. is no joke. The men and women who make a living shuffling people around town are subject to some of the most vicious scrutiny possible just to do their jobs, and sometimes things get heated. When a couple of reporters were cuffed and detained Wednesday for photographing and recording the proceedings of a D.C. Taxicab Commission meeting, one cabbie said, "You reporters got a taste of what it’s like." The Post's Mike DeBonis explores the political world of taxi drivers and why they've felt shunned for years.

Let's be clear about something: The Bible was written by men. As in, by human beings of flesh and bone who wanted to spread the word of Christ. What Christians choose to interpret from said library is up to them, and the good book's use as a moral crutch is as old as religion itself. Some use it to rationalize various levels of intolerance, and The Root's John McWhorter has had enough. He says plainly: "Let's stop blaming the Bible for our homophobia. After all, [it] was once used to justify slavery."

Back in the day, I spent endless hours making waffle cones at Ben & Jerry's in Georgetown. Before the place was franchised, it was one of the more colorful snack stops in the city, and yours truly slung ice cream there like it was my job, which it was. Every so often, a kid would ask for a regular, old-school ice cream cone. I hated those requests. Cones are tricky to serve. Slate contributors Dan Pashman and Mark Garrison find some new uses for the ice cream cone, just in time for summer.

Jim Riggleman.

Extra Bites

• The FBI is getting it done these days. They've knocked two guys off their most wanted list in the past couple months. (Technically, Navy SEALs knocked off one guy.) As it turns out, making that list isn't as basic as being a mob boss later to be portrayed by Jack Nicholson in a movie, or being the most notorious terrorist in the world. It's a process.

• The panda may be pregnant, again. In other news, the sun came up, water is wet, J Street is still non-existent and half-smokes are rated as delicious.

• Ron Artest changed his name to Metta World Peace. Operative words here: Ron Artest.

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