Last night I finally made my way down to my homey Modi's Rock Creek Social Club party. It was incredibly dope, and among other jams there's nothing like dancing to go-go in a club just steps from the White House. Good times.

A view of the Dulles Corridor Metrorail Project. (Jahi Chikwendiu/The Post)

Rupert Murdoch. (AP)

Journalism and ethics weren't always expected to go together. And although our friend Rupert's parliamentary inquiry may be the stuff of tabloid news, it highlights the serious question of legality in reporting. Back in the day, some editors had far fewer qualms about breaching laws to get a story and certainly less scruples about sensationalism for the sake of selling papers. Slate's Paul Collins provides a quick history of what used to be regular practice in the newspaper business in order to keep the product moving. You might recognize a few of the names.

Snakeheads are known for their aggressive nature and sharp teeth. (Andrew Sharbel/Loudoun Times-Mirror)

Yao Ming will forever embody the NBA's cultural revolution at the start of the millenium. When the 7-foot-plus Chinese man showed up in the league in 2002, jaws dropped around the basketball world. Rumors at the time said that there were hundreds of 7-footers roaming China, just waiting to take over every court on the globe. One semi-distinguished career and a ton of injuries later, Yao retired recently as one of the most likable international characters in the game. The Post's Gene Wang looks back on the career and influence of the man I like to call Bling Blow Ming Yao.

Extra Bites

• I found myself in a conversation last night about Jerry Orbach, and it was pointed out that he was the voice of Lumiere in "Beauty and the Beast." As a non-watcher of both the movie and "Law and Order" it was interesting to hear the discussion. Fast forward: Emma Watson is going to play Belle in a live-action version of the movie. Call all your middle school friends, RIGHT. NOW.

Austin Da Luz. (Don Ryan/AP)

• My friend Sarah Connors sent me this song (NSFW, out loud). If you don't like it, get a life.

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