We have moved into the hottest, most oppressive portion of the year. It's hot everywhere you go and there's no avoiding it. I suggest trying to avoid stressful situations and not over-exerting on the party train. Or as my Uncle Johnny used to say, "just keep your behind inside."

Vincent Gray. (Bill O'Leary/The Post)

Rupert Murdoch. (Associated Press)

Movie cameras seem to be spending a lot of time in classrooms these days, real and fictional. But beyond various documentaries highlighting the travails of school systems, one movie has been the No. 1 comedy in America for a couple weeks. On the surface, "Bad Teacher" is a funny movie about a teacher who doesn't care and has given up. Yes, the premise seems ridiculous after the trailer depicts an angry Cameron Diaz beaning a kid in the groin with a dodgeball. But Sylvie Laurent writes for The Root that the real life message sent by the overall premise of the movie, in fact, is not funny at all.

Unemployment can be an extremely demoralizing experience. And with the economy being up or down, depending on whom you ask, keeping a steady position in the American workforce isn't an easy task. To document the struggle, Slate asked readers who had been unemployed for over a year to write in with their experiences trying to get a job, and the responses are fascinating. Emily Yoffe recounts the tales of people willing to go to greater lengths than even they thought possible to find gainful employment.

Washington Redskins quarterback John Beck. (Alex Brandon)

Extra Bites

• I've long contended that the Red Hot Chili Peppers is the best band of my generation. All these guys do is make hits and fun records. They've got a new album coming out, and the first single dropped this week. Let's see if they can keep up the magic.

• Hide your fish, hide your mice because that crazy air-breathing, land-living aquatic monster thing is back and taking over everything out here.

• I'll be chatting today, so be sure to turn in some questions and tune in!

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