I was clicking back and forth between the MTV Movie Awards and the NBA Finals last night, and while the hoops game ended somewhat anticlimactically, the event at the Gibson Amphitheater had quite the glorious close. Gary Busey rolled onto stage inside a hamster ball to present Best Movie. The cast of "Twilight: Eclipse" then proceeded to high-five Busey inside the ball as they went on stage. Bizarrely hilarious.

(Susan Biddle/For The Washington Post)

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This spring has seen the toppling of multiple leaders across the Arab world. Most recently, President Ali Abdullah Saleh, who was in power for 33 years in Yemen, left the country for Saudi Arabia. However, the problem with changing leadership is twofold. First, typically a vacuum of power can lead to bloodshed, and it's also difficult to determine the best method for handling the deposed. The Post's Jackson Diehl analyzes the different approaches, adding that"the more immediate and uncompromising the justice for a dictator, the worse it is for the post-revolution regime."

Gennette Cordova seems to be the only person to come out of Weinergate with her reputation intact. The recipient of the famous twitpic from New York congressman Anthony Weiner is not taking kindly to how she's been depicted in various news reports, and is taking to Twitter to defend herself. After the 21-year-old college student was allegedly the victim of a breach of established journalistic practices, she was rightly furious. The Post's Paul Farhi reports on how Cordova is crushing the New York Post and Politico for their coverage.

The D.C. area isn't known as a super hotbed for baseball talent, but more than a fair share of players from the region have achieved major league success. That number could be one higher, but for former Madison High legend Jay Franklin, life has been reduced to trying to hold onto what he once was. After he was drafted as a pitcher 40 years ago by the San Diego Padres, many thought he was headed for greatness. The Post's Josh Barr reports on how far Franklin has fallen since his days as a Warhawk.

Extra Bites

• Newsflash: Shark-fin soup doesn't taste like shark fins. You know why? Because shark fins don't taste like anything. And now, environmental activists say that the status-symbol delicacy is effectively pulverizing the world's shark population. But reversing people's mindsets about the soup is rather tough worldwide.

• Former senator Rick Santorum announced on ABC's 'Good Morning America' that he plans to run for president in 2012. If you're wondering, this is the guy who made some rather odd comments about sexual abuse of children by priests.

• Earlier this year, Pepco blamed a power outage on a snake. Now they're pinning a problem on a squirrel. What's next, a kung-fu panda?

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