After a weekend of remembrances and memorials, frankly I'm quite proud to say that we made it through without any terrorist attacks or major mishaps. No one will ever forget, but the blandness of normalcy will always outdo hyperactive retrospection, to me. Other people feel differently on the matter.

I've never owned a car, and wouldn't be upset if I never did.Growing up in a generation in which conservation, recycling and carbon footprints were a daily part of the cultural discussion, I'm now a transit junkie that only likes to drive when absolutely necessary. Apparently, I'm not alone. A new survey by The Washington Post shows that more than a quarter of the households in the District are car-free, compared to just 6 percent of homes region-wide, according to federal data. Ashley Halsey III and Jon Cohen report on why cars are no longer the move.

Graphing calculators are going the way of the dodo.As smartphones and tablet computers grow in popularity and usefulness, the old gizmos are becoming rapidly obsolete. To keep up, Casio and Texas Instruments are finally introducing products with color screens, which should tell you something about those companies' ability to keep up with the time. The Post's Robert Samuels explains why the graphing calculator may end up in museums, right next to the abacus.

With the name Krystal Ball, you're destined to be a star.And after she ran for Congress in Virginia, she most certainly was famous, but not necessarily for the reasons you might think. Her campaign derailed after lewd photos of her and her ex-husband goofing around at a party with a sex toy surfaced on the Internet, making her a household name for some wonks. Now, she's a professional pundit. The Post's Ben Pershing reports on the woman who, if nothing else, is an expert in damage control.

Richard Branson is a goofy guy, but he sure knows how to get people connected to music. The man who started Virgin Records has dabbled in everything from television to space travel and his FreeFest has become the latest trend in festivals that make sense for your wallet. The Post's Chris Richards and David Malitz report on the event, which drew 50,000 people over the weekend.

Remember last year when the Redskins won their opening game? Yeah, me too. That aside, I must admit that yesterday's game surprised me. The burgundy and gold picked a solid win at home against a division foe and Rex Grossman was a big reason why. Oh yeah, and rookie Ryan Kerrigan made an INCREDIBLE play that pretty much swung the game. I, for one, am a happy man today. The Post's Thomas Boswell is cautiously drinking the Kool-Aid.

Extra Bites

• They've finally got a new date for the MLK Memorial dedication. After Hurricane Irene pummeled the area and canceled the event planned for the anniversary of his “I Have a Dream” speech, things are back on track. Oct.16, 11 a.m. Mark it down.

• The show “Pan Am” debuts later this month and it looks to be more than just a fashion show in the skies. Slate offers a look at real flight attendants from back in the day as a lead-up.

• Sulaimon Brown claims he got arrested. No word on whether or not he had sunglasses on.

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