I’d like to thank reader Kathleen Orrson for writing in to point out something that could be quite important in some lives. I referred to Amy Winehouse’s mental condition as ‘manic depression’ yesterday, using her own words, but the medical term is in fact ‘bipolar disorder.’ I understand now that to identify it solely as ‘depression’ could put undue pressure on those suffering from the disease. Not the goal.

President Obama; House Speaker John Boehner. (Photos by AP, Getty Images)

In this August 1960 file photo, presidential candidate Richard M. Nixon is visited by Sens. Lyndon Johnson and Everett Dirksen. Nixon spent two weeks at Walter Reed recovering from a bacterial staph infection. (AP Photo/Walter Reed Army Medical Center, ho)

It’s late July, which means many people are either returning from or heading out on summer vacations. Typically, getaways are seen as a way to relax, rejuvenate or experience something fun and exciting away from work. But according to a new study done in the Netherlands, vacations aren’t nearly as productive as we may think. Between the stress of returning to a pile of backed-up assignments at work and potential travel sickness, one group found that trips away can do more harm than good. Marta Zaraska explains.

I’ve come across some bizarre headlines and stories in my day, but this latest one was truly stunning. The first one I saw last night read “Serial Butt Stabber Sought in Virginia.” Sounds like some sort of sordid job listing. But today, The Post changed its earlier headline to a more serious “Slasher strikes at mall in Fairfax,” making it clear that this case is not a joke whatsoever. Martin Weil reports on the person that allegedly cutting women on the buttocks at Fair Oaks Mall.

The Redskins are expected to part ways with quarterback Donovan McNabb (5), clearing the way for John Beck (3) over Rex Grossman. (Ricky Carioti/WASHINGTON POST)

Extra Bites

• As evidenced by my Twitter feed, there was a new episode of VH1’s ‘Basketball Wives’ on last night and shockingly, two women tangentially related to NBA players got into a brutal public catfight. We’ve discussed how this show displays black women before, but for now, The Root highlights shows us some NBA wives who don’t embarrass us.

• Lunchline Live is back today, so make sure to turn in your questions about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Kidding. Ask whatever you like.

• This, my friends, is a great photo with an even better caption.

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